I grew up in a small town in Ohio and went to a small school.  While I enjoyed my school very much, I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to do some traveling in my youth.  At the young age of 12 I remember staying in the home of a Ukrainian family and marveling at how different life could be for others around the world.

I kept those memories with me and they gradually changed the way I looked at the world around me.  I understood that the way I lived was one of many ways to live.  I was so grateful for the opportunities I had to see other cultures, but I know that many children in America don’t have the opportunity to travel.  Luckily, technology allows for many ways to learn about other cultures without going away from home at all.  Or perhaps there are other cultures right in your midst!  While not everyone can travel, everyone has the opportunity to show curiosity in people who are different from them.

This blog is an attempt to help kids nurture a curiosity about other cultures, encouraging broadened understandings of what life can be like for others.

While I travel around the world, I share stories, pictures, and descriptions of the people and places I encounter.  In addition to this, I will try to commit time and thought to any questions and comments submitted.  With a background in Art Education and experience in the education system, I carry a passion for education with me everywhere I go and love the opportunity to share what I’m learning.

Remember, I’m learning too!  I am just as new to these places as you are. Perhaps we can learn together!

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